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Daniel Cawdery

Daniel has mind blowing chess credentials; both as a player and a coach.

He is currently the highest rated chess player in South Africa at 2458 and has been an SA National Coach at 4 Olympiads. He has also coached numerous SA junior chess champions; including Jack Van Zyl Rudd, South Africa's highest rated junior.

Daniel obviously knows what it takes to win and he'd be delighted to be part of your chess journey too.


Kela Siame

Kela has amazing chess credentials; both as a player and a coach.

Kela has an impressive list of titles to his name and he is one of the most successful players on the South African Tournament Circuit.

He represented Zambia in the 2018 Chess Olympiad in Georgia.

Kela has coached many junior chess champions in South Africa, Zambia and the USA.


Bonisani Nsibande

Bonisani is a regular on the local chess tournament circuit and a regular top 10 finisher.

As a chess coach, Bonisani is well established too; he coaches at numerous schools and has achieved excellent results with many of his pupils making it to nationals.

Bonisani invites you to contact him for private chess coaching; either at goforchess Studio or online.


Waldo Jonker

Waldo has competed at the World Amateur World Championships in Greece, played numerous tournaments in South Africa, he coaches at schools and does online coaching, one of his online pupils have recently won their provincial age group.​​

Contact Waldo to discuss a plan of action for your chess success.

He is available for chess coaching either online, at goforchess Studio, or at home.


Shepherd Tinarwo

Shepherd "Mr Chess " Tinarwo

A professional, Provincial and National level Chess teacher/coach with more than 15 years experience. Good at working with all age groups. Very passionate at working with kids.


Joshua Wolpe

061 272 5199

Joshua specializes in one on one, online Beginners Chess Coaching.

Contact Joshua to arrange an affordable coaching schedule


Joseph Mwale

061 086 5650

Joseph has amazing skills as a coach and a player.

He is the current Malawi Chess Champion.

He is a consistent winner on the South African Tournament Circuit.

As a coach he has produced many junior chess champions.


Lorita Mwango

063 366 1686

Lorita is a WIM(Woman's International Master) placing 2nd at the African Individual Champs in Zambia.

She's the highest rated Zambian women's chess player and is also a qualified maths teacher.

Lorita is available for private chess by coaching and operates from the goforchess office in Bryanston


Thabo Gwangwa

Thabo is a former junior chess champion with an excellent record at nationals.

Thabo is now fully focusing on coaching and he's achieved excellent results in a relatively short space of time.

Thabo is a full time coach for goforchess, involved with many schools as well as goforchess Academy.

Thabo has an excellent way with young players and would love to be your private coach too.


Ncedo Buthelezi

Ncedo has won many chess tournaments at junior and senior level.

He played SAJCC for many years 2010-2015

He is a passionate and experienced schools' chess coach whos has produced many junior chess champions.

Ncedo has coached students to the SAJCC and Closed.


David Mendelsohn

David has had a successful chess tournament career, winning numerous prizes and also achieving chess colours for Tshwane.

David has many private students and would love to help you to achieve your chess aspirations. David operates in the greater Johannesburg area and also provides online chess coaching.


Clyde Wolpe

Clyde is the author of ' The Power of Chess', which has been accepted as the official chess instruction textbook in many schools, both in South Africa, and internationally.

Clyde has achieved great success with young, up and coming chess players, helping them to compete successfully in high level competition; and has produced South African chess champions in various age categories.


Mothupi Lekgau

Mothupi is amongst the top chess players in South Africa with a current rating of about 2000.

Mothupi has won numerous tournament and has achieved SA colours for chess.

As a coach, Mothupi is fully involved in goforchess Academy and has a strong following of private pupils who have done exceptionally well in tournaments.

Mothupi is an established coach in the nationals (SAJCC) system and is a multiple medal winner as a coach.


Sipho Tshawuzana

Sipho is an experienced chess coach who has achieved excellent results at various Johannesburg schools.

He specialises in working with young kids, providing perfect analogies to ensure their love and connection to chess.

Contact Sipho for private coaching lessons.


Sandile Mfundisi

Sandile is a former Swaziland and Lesotho chess champion.

He has record breaking success at the Junior Nationals (SAJCC).

Sandile also has a strong following of private pupils, most of whom he has guided to qualify for nationals and beyond.


Leon Sithole

072 784 6804

Leon is active on the South African chess Tournament Circuit with a few titles to his name.

He is an experienced chess coach who's had excellent results with young players.

Leon coaches at various Johannesburg schools as well as privately.

14 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191
061 034 2885
(use your full name as reference and email POP to clydewolpe@gmail.com )
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